The Trek: Uncovering the Torah

Created by Glen & Anna Gerhauser
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"The Bible is like the Promised Land. It's waiting to be explored. Traverse its heights and depths; taste its fruit and drink from its streams. In 2003 I began working on these notes that would be like a trek through Scriptures. They became the foundation for our Bible School, Holy Fire Ministry Training School (, and the framework from which I have taught. Since then, we have built upon and refined them––but these are the originals. They serve like a tour guide to lead you through the first five books of the Bible." - Glen Gerhauser


  • Detailed notes on Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy
  • Notes made in easy to understand outline form
  • 34 Pages
  • PDF Files (10 documents)
  • Immediate Download
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The Trek: Uncovering the Torah

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